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‘Trunk-or-Treat Is Just Halloween With a Condom’—Mike Signorelli Warns Christian Parents Not To Celebrate Halloween

He used the analogy of practicing safe sex versus abstaining from sex until one gets married. “Here’s the analogy for parents,” Signorelli said. “Do you want your kids to have no sex or safe sex? Because the safest sex is no sex—it’s like giving your teenager a condom and being like, ‘I know you’re gonna do it anyway. Do it with a condom.’”

“And so as Christians do we teach our children abstinence or safe sex, and even the euphemism of safe sex is a gateway to unsafe sex,” Signorelli continued. “So if we teach our kids alternatives to bridge the gap, like Trunk-or-Treat, it is just Halloween with a condom. You’re still doing it, but you think it’s safer, and it’s really not.”

Signorelli lovingly told churches that hold alternate Halloween celebrations that “you put a costume on your kid, but you haven’t taken the mask off the devil” because they aren’t delivering people from the demonic.

It’s safe to say that you won’t see V1 Church throwing a Halloween party, but what you will find is them holding a mass deliverance service on Oct. 31.

Signorelli explained that doing “deliverance is unmasking the devil” and shared that when children witness their parents being delivered from demonic strongholds they invited into their lives because they once used a ouija board or participated in Santeria, it changes the way they view Halloween.

“You want to see what this stuff really does for you,” he said. “Look at your mom down on the floor throwing up.”

To stress his warning, Signorelli said that it is normal to “wake up here in New York City the day after Halloween with chickens’ heads in every park everywhere…here’s the results of last night we got to go into cemeteries and the parks and clean up the goats’ heads and the chickens’ heads and the stuff that was from the rituals last night.”

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Just hours before talking to ChurchLeaders, Signorelli shared how a young girl who was suicidal was delivered from a demon at a revival service taking place at their church. While casting out the demon the pastor said the the demon in the young girl pointed to the woman praying for her and Signorelli’s 14-year-old daughter and literally said, “I’m going to kill you.”

After witnessing what took place, friends of the young girl told Signorelli that “hearing that demon talk through their friend proved to them the existence of God to know that the demon wants to kill all these people and her.”

“So if you want to dress up for Halloween, dress up in the full armor of God because we’re in a spiritual war right now,” Signorelli encouraged. “Gen Z’s suicide rate is through the roof, and churches are holding Trunk-or-Treats and handing out candy to Gen Z, and they’re killing themselves. We need to put the full armor of God.” He concluded, “We don’t have time for this.”