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‘Christ Intends for All of Us To Be Free’—Actor Rob Schneider Joins the Catholic Church

Rob Schneider
Super Festivals from Ft. Lauderdale, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From starring on Saturday Night Live to appearing in movies such as “Grown Ups” and “50 First Dates,” comedian and actor Rob Schneider has delivered lines to catch viewers off guard and get them laughing. To celebrate his 60th birthday, Schneider shared a sentimental post honoring his family and sharing that he’s now a practicing Catholic.

“I want to thank ALL of the lovely people for their kind birthday wishes for me today on my 60th birthday,” Schneider started his post on X (formerly Twitter).

Rob Schneider Tells the World That He’s Now a Catholic

“I am the luckiest man in the world,” Schneider said. “I have a wonderful partner in life, my beautiful wife Patricia and three lovely daughters: Elle, Miranda and Madeline.”

“At 40, you feel like you can conquer the world and there’s a sense that nothing can stop you,” Schneider said, quoting his friend, Dr. M. Scott Peck. “But at 60, you realize the very real fragility of life and temporariness of it all. A humbling knowledge that there is indeed a time limit for all things and that God’s design though perfect, is precious far beyond its brevity.”

Schneider also quoted a story that a friend, Bill, shared with him. The Hindu story was about a man at his own funeral. Bill began, “Would this man lying here ask for more riches and Gold from the world? Would this man ask to be more famous and well regarded by others? Would he ask to be taller or look more handsome? No.”

“The only thing this man lying here today would ask for was much simpler—more time,” he continued. Then Schneider addressed his fans and readers, saying, “If you are reading this now, then you too have time!” He continued, “Use it wisely, use it unwisely too! But USE it. Be IN it. Be aware that you are part of ALL of it and that the separateness you sometimes feel is an illusion.”

“For the atheists, God loves you too. The mistake you make is to think the universe is a stupid thing that just bumps into things and expands ignorantly and without reason or intelligence,” Schneider continued. “And that somehow we human beings, with our intelligence is [sic] just some kind of ‘freak’ universal accident. To you I say this, if there is such a thing as kindness, empathy, compassion and love…it is because you found it in other people.”

“I am a new convert to Catholicism,” Schneider said. “I offer my apology for my lack of Christ’s forgiveness to my fellow man.”

Schneider continued to share his newfound love for Christ and the forgiveness Christ offers. “It is forgiveness itself that is the gift that we give ourselves because it frees us as Christ intends for all of us to be free,” he said. “For his gift of ultimate and unlimited forgiveness is indeed the gift for all humanity.”

More than 2 million friends and fans viewed Schneider’s birthday post and thousands offered encouragement. One person said, “Thanks for all the entertaining characters you’ve played! Comedic Genius.”

“Congratulations @RobSchneider on becoming Catholic!!!” another posted. “What an enormous blessing. We are so happy you are party of the heavenly family!!!!”

Someone else commented, “Happy birthday, brother, and I couldn’t love your post anymore. it was touching and inspirational; thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family.”