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‘Nothing Changes, They Don’t Turn It Down’—Michael Todd’s Transformation Church Receives Yet Another Noise Complaint

Transformation Church
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Transformation Church in Bixby, Oklahoma, has received hundreds of complaints from nearby neighbors since relocating to the small town outside of Tulsa. Even after taking some measures to reduce the amount of sound produced during each service, the church has continued to receive one noise complaint after another.

Resident Jeremy Price spoke with a local news station about how the nearby church has affected him nearly every day. “They’re practicing at full volume, and they do this anywhere from 7 in the morning to 11 at night,” he said. “It’s sometimes four days a week, sometimes five days a week, and it’s very random.”

The ongoing complaints and lack of full resolution have gone on for years. “You read the books of Matthew and Romans, it talks about loving your neighbor,” said Phil Frazier, attorney for the city, back in 2020 to ABC News affiliate KTUL. “And that’s what we’re asking them to do.”

Local Residents Submit Another Noise Complaint Against Transformation Church

The city has issued 150 citations since September 2019, beginning soon after the church took possession of its building. Residents in the neighborhood continue to complain about the noise from Transformation Church. And, over the years, the church has made attempts at solving the issue, but without success.

Frazier described a situation he’s heard from many residents living near the church. On Sundays or during practices during the week, the noise is terribly loud. If a neighbor has a cup of coffee on the counter, the liquid will vibrate with the beat of the music.

A couple solutions that have not yet been implemented include reducing the volume of the bass and building a concrete wall between the church and nearby homes. The wall is expected to better contain the noise.

Public Affairs Officer Bryan Toney is on staff with the City of Bixby and told a local news station that church leaders have agreed to make further changes to reduce the amount of sound emanating from the building.

Transformation Church staff is changing how music rehearsals are conducted and using in-ear speakers in an effort to reduce the use of house speakers. The church may even go so far as to permanently move the stage.

As the church and city of Bixby have been navigating complaints and solutions for three years now, Toney expressed that the city continues to support the church and its efforts.

With a population of just under 30,000 people, the City of Bixby and nearby restaurants recognize how Transformation Church draws thousands of people each Sunday, boosting the local economy.