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Former ‘Days of Our Lives’ Actor Jen Lilley Shares What Adoption Has Taught Her About God’s Love

Jen Lilley
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Jen Lilley has been touching hearts and lives on the big screen in wholesome romcoms for years. She also has used her stage presence and her own home to advocate for love and safety for children through foster care and adoption.

The actress told Christian Headlines about her family’s adoption story. She sees adoption as more than providing a home. The process has helped her understand God’s love, which is “humbling and astounding in every way.”

Jen Lilley Shares What Adoption Has Taught Her About God’s Love

Lilley and her husband, Jason Wayne, have two biological daughters and two adopted foster sons. The family of six has carried on the tradition of Lilley’s parents, providing a safe place to those “who just needed help transitioning in their life.”

She explained that “as a Christian who is coming to faith in Messiah, I often read the Bible thinking these are God’s chosen people and I’m just the adopted kid, and I know God loves me but, like, he loves me less. And that is not true.”

The actress intentionally promotes foster care and adoption—caring for the least of these. She’s a public advocate for the Tulsa Girls’ Home (TGH) in Oklahoma. TGH is a “place for girls in care to find hope and healing—as well as a transformative next step for girls aging out of foster care.”

“Each girl is unique and should be treated with a personalized approach while they journey to find restoration,” says the nonprofit’s website.

Lilley embraces the cause of children in foster care. “These are children who have found themselves in a horrible system that’s completely broken because of somebody else’s choice, because of a choice somebody else made,” she said. “And so I’m really passionate about that.”

While advocating for safe and loving care for kids in the foster system, Lilley and her husband have opened their own home and grown their family.

“I don’t look at my boys any different than I look at my girls. I forget that I didn’t carry them in my body,” she told Christian Headlines. “So, it’s really taught me about how when Jesus says we’re grafted in, how greatly he means that. We are grafted in, and we are heirs …with Jesus, with the Jewish people. So that’s what it’s taught me is that God loves us the same and that’s really humbling and astounding in every way.”

In honor of National Adoption Day, Lilley posted a recent family photo. She shared, “I love these boys and making their dreams come true! They’re the best brothers our girls could ask for.” She continued, “We love you forever and always!!! My heart swells each day from all these kiddos!! And welcome to our new puppy!! (Kayden’s prayers availed much!)”

The photo was from a summer photo shoot taken by a teen in the youth group at the actor’s local church.


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Friends, family, and fans reacted to Lilley’s post with encouragement and support. One person shared, “Happy Adoption Day! 😍 Bless the birth mothers/fathers who trust us to protect and love the babies that came too soon for them. ❤️❤️”