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‘Christmas With the Chosen: Holy Night’ Hits Theaters Amid Record-High Viewership of Show

Christmas With the Chosen
Screengrab via YouTube / @The Chosen

“Christmas With the Chosen: Holy Night” hit theaters across the nation on Tuesday, Dec. 12, with its theatrical run set to conclude on Sunday, Dec. 17. The film depicts the nativity story and builds upon a project that was completed six years ago. 

“The Chosen,” which is a multi-season show depicting the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, has continued to increase in popularity, with several successful theatrical runs for select episodes, something that is unusual for a show that can be streamed online for free. 

“The Chosen” creator and director Dallas Jenkins celebrated the theatrical release of “Christmas With the Chosen” in an announcement on Instagram.

“Over six years ago I made a little short film on my friend’s farm in Illinois. Entitled The Shepherd, it was about the birth of Christ from the perspective of the shepherds, and it was only intended for my church’s Christmas Eve service,” Jenkins wrote. “It ultimately ended up launching The Chosen.” 

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Jenkins continued, “A few years later, with many more resources, we did The Messengers, a special episode about the birth of Christ from the perspective of Mary and Joseph.”

“This year I had an interesting idea…what if we combined the two? I didn’t think it would work great, but it might be an interesting experiment,” Jenkins recounted. He then said that after he and his wife, Amanda, saw the first cut of the film, they concluded that “it does work, and the nativity story took on even more relevance.”

“Christmas With the Chosen: Holy Night” incorporates musical performances from the previous two specials to “create an ultimate Christmas special.” Additionally, Andrea Bocelli performs “O Holy Night,” an exclusive for the new special.

The Christmas special comes amid the continued success of “The Chosen.” In recent weeks, viewership of the show on The CW has surged, with the episode that aired on ​​Dec. 10 drawing a record-high 553,000 viewers, according to SpoilerTV.

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The CW began airing episodes of the first three seasons of “The Chosen” in July, with the last episode set to air on Christmas Eve.