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‘Can You Believe It?’—Dallas Jenkins Celebrates as ‘The Chosen’ Graces the Cover of TV Guide

The Chosen
(L) Screengrab via Facebook @Dallas Jenkins (R) Photo credit: Jesse T. Jackson

Critically acclaimed Christian series “The Chosen” was featured on the cover of TV Guide‘s July 24-Aug. 13 triple issue edition.

The 70-year-old magazine is a biweekly publication that provides television program listing information and features television news, celebrity interviews, reviews, and crossword puzzles.

This past Sunday (July 16) was the broadcast premiere of season one of “The Chosen” on The CW, a television network that covers over 98% of homes in the United States and is available with free over-the-air capabilities.

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“The Chosen,” which follows the life and ministry of Jesus, is currently filming its fourth season. The first three seasons of the show are scheduled to air on The CW every Sunday at 8/7c, with the last episode of season three to be shown on Christmas Eve.

“Did you ever imagine a Jesus show would be on the cover of TV Guide? This feels historic,” a post on the show’s official Twitter account read. “Get used to different, indeed. This points people to the airing of all three seasons on Sunday nights on The CW.”

“When I was growing up, I loved TV Guide,” Dallas Jenkins, the show’s creator and director, said in a Facebook post. “I loved reading the recaps, and because I wasn’t allowed to watch most of the shows listed, it was my primary connection to this world of entertainment I was intrigued by.”

“And I remember thinking even back then, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there was good stuff in here related to stories of faith?’ But it seemed impossible,” Jenkins added.

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“Now check this out…in the upcoming issue, our little show is on the cover. Can you believe it?” Jenkins continued. “We want this show out there. Everywhere, as easy to find as possible. Like the song says, ‘Hide it under a bushel? No! I’m going to let it shine.’”