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‘It Truly Is of God’—SBC Pastor Dusty Deevers Wins Oklahoma State Senate Race

Dusty Deevers
Screengrab via X (formerly Twitter) / @DustyDeevers

Oklahoma constituents and people across the country are congratulating Dusty Deevers on being elected to the Oklahoma State Senate. Deevers, a Baptist pastor, boasted that he led the “boldest platform that has ever been done.”

“Here in Oklahoma, it’s time to abolish abortion, abolish pornography, abolish the state income tax, and give power and equal representation back to the people!” Deveers posted following his victory.

Dusty Deevers Threw His ‘Name in the Ring for the Glory of God’—And Won

Republican candidate Dusty Deevers went against Democrat Larry Bush in the 2023 election for the Lawton (District 32) seat in the Oklahoma State Senate. As reported by The Oklahoman, Deevers won with a little over 55% of the votes and will serve the remainder of the term vacated by John Michael Montgomery.

The road to Deevers’ political nomination has been met with challenges and controversy. Deevers ran against Jean Hausheer for the Republican nomination to the Oklahoma State Senate seat. While Hausheer is also pro-life, she received criticism for being a “liberal” Republican—partly due to her support of COVID-19 safety precautions and mandates. Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president Bart Barber was questioned for his financial support of Hausheer’s campaign instead of Deevers.’

In the past, Barber has sparred with Deevers online about their differences regarding abortion legislation. Whereas Barber supports the traditional incrementalist approach to pro-life advocacy, Deevers is part of the abortion abolitionist movement, which emphasizes total and immediate bans on abortion and legal consequences for the women who seek them.

Bush later used Barber’s words against Deevers’ stance in campaign materials, something Barber said he had not given Bush permission to do.

After receiving the Republican nomination for the state senate seat, Deevers and his team focused on social issues throughout the campaign, including abolishing abortion and upholding “traditional marriage.”

In a video posted to Facebook, Deevers said to voters in his district, “You are demanding our government come back under the authority of God’s word and our Constitution. You have sent a clear signal to we who have run on the boldest platform that has ever been done.”

Deevers quickly posted following his victory for the Oklahoma State Senate, “Praise God for what He has done!”

He went on to thank the many people on his team and supporters who have believed in his campaign along the way. “Our team took a no-compromise stance against the greatest evils of our day and for the freedom and liberty of the people,” Deevers said. “We defeated some big-money, establishment interests on a shoestring budget. It truly is of God that we won.”

“Let this victory inspire you,” Deevers wrote to encourage supporters, even those outside of the state of Oklahoma. “If I and my team of volunteers can do it, you can too!” he said. “Take up the Sword of the Spirit, get a team of volunteers, and throw your name in the ring for the glory of God and the good of your state.”

He then closed his post with, “Soli Deo Gloria,” which means, “Glory to God alone,” alongside a photo of his family.