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‘I’m Slightly in the Place of Terror’—Greta Gerwig Admits She’s ‘Intimidated’ by ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’

Greta Gerwig Narnia
UKinUSA, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

When Greta Gerwig accepted the director role for Netflix’s upcoming “The Chronicles of Narnia” films, she was expecting to relive much of her childhood. The films are based on the beloved book series by C.S. Lewis—a much different theme and vibe from Gerwig’s recent work on “Barbie” (2023). What Gerwig didn’t expect, though, was to be “intimidated” by the project.

“I loved Narnia so much as a child,” Gerwig told BBC Radio 4’s Today.

Adapting ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ Has Become an Intimidating Project for Greta Gerwig

The beautiful, engaging story of “The Chronicles of Narnia” with deeply developed characters is a monumental project for sure. According to NarniaWeb, Gerwig will direct at least two films for Netflix. Film titles and expected release dates have not yet been announced.

“I’m slightly in the place of terror because I really do have such reverence for Narnia,” Gerwig said.

Gerwig added, “As a non-British person, I feel a particular sense of wanting to do it correctly…It’s like when Americans do Shakespeare, there’s a slight feeling of reverence and as if maybe we should treat it with extra care. It is not our countryman.”

‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ Director Greta Gerwig Has a Christian Background

Gerwig shared, “I loved Narnia so much as a child. As an adult, C.S. Lewis is a thinker and a writer. I’m intimidated by doing this. It’s something that feels like a worthy thing to be intimidated by.”

Netflix Film chairman, Scott Stuber, affirmed that Gerwig was the right director for the film adaptations. Her skills as a successful director, as well as her life experience, combine into a unique level of expertise for the project.

Stuber told MovieWeb, “[Gerwig] grew up in a Christian background. The C.S. Lewis books are very much based in Christianity. And so we just started talking about it.”

The seven books of “The Chronicles of Narnia” depict a fictional land and how primarily four siblings (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Luch) interact with the land’s characters.

Throughout the series, “The Chronicles of Narnia” provides a number of life lessons housed in a delightful story with significant references to the gospel. An ongoing battle between Aslan, a lion, and the White Witch is a classic good versus evil storyline. And, Aslan, the creator and sacrificial savior of the land of Narnia, showcases the gospel as a Christ figure.

“So, it was just a great opportunity, and I’m so thrilled that she’s working on it with us. And I’m just thrilled to be in business with [Gerwig],” Stuber said. “She’s just an incredible talent.”

A Brief History of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’

C.S. Lewis penned the incredible story of “The Chronicles of Narnia” in seven books from 1949 to 1954. Over the decades, the series has been adapted for television, radio, the stage, film, and video games.