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Pastor in ICU Following Fire Pit Explosion

Kevin Corey
Screengrab via NBC Washington

A Virginia pastor is in intensive care after suffering severe injuries in a fire at his home on Tuesday night (Jan. 30). Kevin Corey was burning old documents in a fire pit in the yard of his townhome in the Newington area of Fairfax County when a gas can exploded in his hands.

Corey had been serving as the youth pastor at Calvary Road Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, but was preparing to transition into a senior pastor role at another church. He and his wife were in the process of packing up their home to move roughly 200 miles away to Glasgow, Virginia, to be closer to their daughter, Jenna Guercia.

Corey’s neighbors reported hearing an explosion around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. 

“It shook our house,” one neighbor told NBC Washington. “It sounded like a bomb went off and it felt like an earthquake.”

Another neighbor captured the accident on her Ring camera. 

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“You see him add an accelerant, which happened to be a gas can. Then you hear this big explosion, and the gas can was too close to the fire and it exploded in his hands,” she said. “Unfortunately, the gas can, it sprayed all over him. And you then see him drop down to the ground and the fire just followed him and he was on fire.”

Corey’s wife rushed to put out the flames using a rug.

“The last thing that you hear on my Ring camera is, ‘I’m alive, I’m alive,’” the neighbor recounted.

While emergency responders were contacted, another neighbor used a hose to put out the fire pit. Corey was airlifted to the hospital.

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On Wednesday (Jan. 31), Guercia provided an update via Facebook