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Las Vegas Pastor’s Children Witnessed and Recorded His Alleged Murder

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Screenshot from Facebook / @Grace Point Church Vegas

When Las Vegas pastor Nick Davi was shot and killed during a neighborhood dispute last month, his children were nearby and one captured the incident on a cellphone camera. That disturbing detail emerged after the pastor’s widow, Sarah Davi, filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Jan. 19.

Nick Davi, 46, was the pastor of operations at Grace Point Church in North Las Vegas.

According to police reports, the couple had reported Joe Junio, a female neighbor, to their condominium homeowner’s association (HOA) for violating rules about chickens and dogs. After the HOA told Junio about the complaints, she allegedly began exhibiting “escalating threatening behavior” toward Nick and Sarah Davi and their two children, ages 12 and 15.

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The Davis called police twice in December about Junio, according to an arrest report. Junio allegedly threw rocks and feces in the couple’s yard, flooded their home, and made threatening gestures at them. The couple had filed a restraining order against Junio and had been staying elsewhere, according to police.

Las Vegas Pastor Dies After Neighborhood Dispute 

On Dec. 29, 2023, when the Davi family was in the parking lot of the gated condo complex, Junio reportedly rolled down her car window and exchanged words with Nick and Sarah Davi. On a phone recording taken by one of the couple’s children, someone can be heard shouting, “Why don’t you leave us alone? We’ve had enough.”

The video, taken from the family’s car, then shows Nick Davi stepping toward Junio’s car and Junio shooting Nick and Sarah Davi. Both victims were taken to the hospital, where the pastor later died of his injuries.

The wrongful death lawsuit against Junio alleges that she wasn’t the rightful owner of the gun. The condo complex and HOA are not named in the lawsuit. But the lawsuit alleges that the HOA “knew or should have known that Defendant would likely perform violent actions against deceased and Plaintiff as a result of ongoing association dispute.”

In the civil lawsuit, Sarah Davi claims she suffered “severe physical injuries” and “extreme emotional distress” because of the shooting. Her attorneys wrote, “As a result of Defendant’s actions, Grace Point Church and North Las Vegas lost a valuable member of the community, and a family lost their husband and father.”

Ty Neal, a fellow pastor at Grace Point, told a local media outlet, “Your mind just can’t process” that type of loss.

Pastor Nick Davi Touched ‘Countless’ Lives

A GoFundMe account, which has raised almost $100,000 for the Davi family, notes that the pastor “touched the lives of countless people.” The wrongful death lawsuit asks a jury to award damages above $15,000—the standard minimum in Nevada civil suits.