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State Senator and Pastor Dusty Deevers Mocked by Jimmy Fallon for Bill That Would Outlaw ‘Sexting’

Dusty Deevers Jimmy Fallon
Screengrab via NBC. Jimmy Fallon photo credit: Danielle Marie Carolan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon mocked Oklahoma state senator and Southern Baptist pastor Dusty Deevers during “The Tonight Show” monologue Monday night (Jan. 29).

Deevers is the pastor of Grace Community Church in Elgin, Oklahoma, a graduate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an abortion abolitionist.

After winning the state senate race, Deevers posted on social media, “Here in Oklahoma, it’s time to abolish abortion, abolish pornography, abolish the state income tax, and give power and equal representation back to the people!”

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Last month (Jan. 18), Deevers proposed Oklahoma Senate Bill 1976. If passed, it would outlaw “unlawful pornography” in the state, which the bill describes as follows:

As used in this title, “unlawful pornography” means any visual depiction or individual image stored or contained in any format on any medium including, but not limited to, film, motion picture, videotape, photograph, negative, undeveloped film, slide, photographic product, reproduction of a photographic product, play, or performance in which a person is engaged in any of the following acts with a person: sexual intercourse which is normal or perverted, anal sodomy, sexual activity with an animal, sadomasochistic abuse, flagellation or torture, physical restraint such as binding or fettering in the context of sexual conduct, fellatio or cunnilingus, excretion in the context of sexual conduct, lewd exhibition of the uncovered genitals in the context of masturbation or other sexual conduct, and lewd exhibition of the uncovered genitals, buttocks, or, if such person is female, the breast, for the purpose of sexual stimulation of the viewer.

The proposed legislation means that sexting between individuals who are not married would become a misdemeanor offense, resulting in one year of jail time and/or a fine no less than $2,000. Deevers is pushing for the bill to become law by Nov. 1.

Jimmy Fallon Mocks Deevers on ‘The Tonight Show’

Fallon made Deevers one of his featured jokes during his monologue and mocked the senator for proposing legislation that would make it illegal to send sexual text messages to anyone other than a spouse.

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“It’s kind of weird,” Fallon told the audience. He then proceeded to say, “His statement was even weirder,” and shared a fake image that included Deevers’ profile alongside the quote, “Please don’t sext anyone unless it’s my spouse 🍆.”