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‘We Need To Talk About Ep. 3’—‘The Chosen’ Creator Dallas Jenkins Discusses Shocking Character Death in Season 4

The Chosen Dallas Jenkins
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The first three episodes of Season 4 of “The Chosen” hit theaters on Feb. 1 and have already grossed $9 million dollars. 

For the first time ever, an entire season of the show, which depicts the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, will be shown in theaters. After the season has completed its theatrical run, it will be made available to stream for free on “The Chosen” app and on other streaming platforms.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for “The Chosen” Season 4, Episode 3.

In a recent livestream, Dallas Jenkins, who is the show’s creator, director, co-writer, and co-producer, discussed a shocking turn of events in the third episode, providing insight into the process of creating the story arc. 

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During the discussion, Jenkins was joined by his wife, Amanda Jenkins, who plays a key role in the creation of Bible studies to accompany “The Chosen.”

Dallas Jenkins revealed that Ramah, a fictionalized character who is meant to represent both the unnamed female disciples of Jesus and the unnamed wives of the apostles, dies at the end of Episode 3. In the show, Ramah is married to Thomas, and she dies in Thomas’ arms. 

Ramah is killed by Quintus, another fictionalized character, who is a Roman magistrate. Though Thomas asks Jesus to raise Ramah from the dead, he does not. 

Dallas said that the feedback the episode has received has been largely positive, with a number of viewers reaching out to speak about its emotional resonance. However, others felt “wounded” by the fact that Jesus did not resurrect Ramah and “felt it did not reflect the character of Jesus.”

“So we want to talk about it openly and honestly,” he said. 

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Dallas went on to say, “Remember, this is the end of Episode 3, but it’s not the end of the season. It’s not the end of the series. All of these things are in context.”