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‘I Cried Like 70×7 Times’—New ‘Chosen’ Episodes Gross Nearly $7.5 Million in First 4 Days

The Chosen
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The first three episodes of “The Chosen,” Season 4, were released in theaters on Feb. 1. After the first weekend, directors, producers, and cast members celebrated the series exceeding expectations and coming in second at the Box Office, grossing over $6 million for the weekend and nearly $7.5 million when also counting opening day.

“I just got home from seeing it. Wow! No one spoke or got up to leave as the credits ran at the end, dead silence,” posted a viewer named Elizabeth. “I can’t wait to see the aftershows and round table discussions for these episodes.”

‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Opens With Episodes 1-3 in Theaters

With momentum continuing to build, Fathom Events distributed Episodes 1-3 of Season 4 of “The Chosen” to fans in more than 2,200 theaters worldwide. Season 4 picks up where Season 3 left off—just after Jesus miraculously fed thousands of people. Jesus continues his ministry, nurturing the disciples, healing the broken, and prioritizing loving well.

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Other recent box office releases were fan favorites, but just one outperformed “The Chosen.” “Argylle” took the top weekend spot, with $18 million. “The Beekeeeper” ($5.3 million), “Wonka” ($4.8 million), and “Migration” ($4.1 million) came in at third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

While opening weekend for “The Chosen” brought in more than $6 million, the series is grossing closer to $7.5 million when opening day is factored in (Feb. 1, grossing $1.4 million).

The creators of “The Chosen,” Season 4, released its first three episodes—exclusively in theaters—Feb. 1-14. Then, Episodes 4-6 will be in theaters Feb. 15-28, followed by Episodes 7-8 being available on Feb. 29.

Fans have followed and faithfully supported each season’s release. “Just amazing! Great job team. I cried like 70×7 times,” Facebook user Josh Oldenburger commented.

“This is a must-see! So great that we’re going to see it again,” said Vicki Campbell. “Lots of tears, laughter, and very touching moments. Thank you Dallas, cast, and crew for this wonderful gift!”

And Dawn Flasch commented, “Please experience this on the big screen if at all possible. Literally stunning to watch and full of every emotion you could possibly feel. Can’t wait to see it again this week.”

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“The Chosen” has broken many crowdfunding records and has gained a loyal following as the series allows viewers to “see [Jesus] through the eyes of those who knew him.” With real-life and approachable character development, fans of “The Chosen” better identify with Jesus and those who interacted with him.

Creator and director Dallas Jenkins said that Season 4 is “the best season yet.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s the most fun [season] or always even the most enjoyable,” mentioned Jenkins. “But I do think it’s the best, and it’s the most mature.”

Jenkins has described Season 4 as “impactful.” As the story of Jesus’ ministry continues to unfold on the big screen, there’s a heaviness that grows as Jesus approaches the events of Holy Week.