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Visiting Pastor Stops Sermon To Save Woman Choking on a Mint

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Screenshots from Facebook / @On His Rock Ministries at Mt. Zion Church

As Pastor Brandon Stewart was wrapping up a Feb. 15 revival sermon in Cottonwood, Alabama, parishioner Lois Adams began coughing. Stewart, who was visiting Mt. Zion Church from Georgia, initially thought the woman had allergies or a cold. But when other worshipers became alarmed and asked the pastor for help, he realized Adams was actually choking.

Thanks to a swift application of the Heimlich maneuver by Pastor Stewart, Adams stopped choking and was uninjured. No further assistance was necessary. Just a few minutes later, the worship service and sermon resumed.

The entire incident was captured on camera and shared on the church’s Facebook Live page. About two hours and 19 minutes into the revival service, Adams began experiencing respiratory distress. After Stewart performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the mint, he helped Adams sit back down. “You ain’t going nowhere, Miss Lois,” he told her.

Pastor Brandon Stewart, a Former Police Officer, Helps Save Parishioner

Later, while speaking to reporters, Pastor Brandon Stewart explained what happened during the service. He’d been describing an encounter with a demon-possessed individual and was preparing to wrap up his message.

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“I heard coughing,” the pastor said. “I know it’s allergy season and colds [are] running around, so I was like, it could be just that. We were about to lay hands on her and heal her in the name of Jesus in a minute.”

As nearby worshipers approached Adams and appealed for help, Stewart stepped into action. The pastor, a former police officer, stepped behind Adams to administer the Heimlich several times. “I picked her up off the ground,” said Stewart, adding, “Once she was clear and could talk, we all made a joke.” A worship assistant brought Adams some water, and soon the service continued.

“We did the business. Now it’s time get back to business,” Stewart told attendees. Then he continued his anecdote about casting out an evil spirit. “We dealt with that demon. That demon came out that night,” he said.