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‘No One Will Be Touching the Cross of Christ,’ Donald Trump Tells Christian Communicators at NRB 2024

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America and the frontrunner to receive the Republican nomination for this year’s November election, spoke to a room full of Christian communicators at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville on Thursday (Feb. 22) night.

The event was part of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) 2024 International Convention, which is celebrating its 80th year and brings together Christian communicators from radio, TV, film, church media, and digital marketing nationwide.

Trump addressed over 3,000 Christian communicators and news outlets at NRB’s Presidential Forum. Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley was also invited to speak but declined, according to NRB’s president Troy Miller.

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Jeffress and Graham Affirm Their Support for Donald Trump

ChurchLeaders asked Prestonwood Baptist Church’s senior pastor Jack Graham and First Baptist Church of Dallas’ senior pastor Robert Jeffress, who were also in attendance, why they believe it is important for the former President to speak to a room filled with Christian communicators.

“President Trump understands the importance of the Christian community and in particular evangelicals,” Graham told ChurchLeaders. “He wants to hear from us. He believes in what we do, in proclaiming Christ and the gospel.”

Graham has been an influential figure within the evangelical community since he took the helm of Prestonwood in 1989. Under his leadership, the church grew into one of the nation’s most prominent megachurches. Graham himself has been a polarizing figure in religious and public spheres, often involved in debates surrounding church-state separation, LGBTQ+ rights, and political involvement from the pulpit.

“[Trump] supports us,” Graham said. “There’s never been a more friendly president in the White House than Donald Trump. I’m praying that he is reelected because he’ll carry on the policies that have been so supportive of things that we care about and believe in as Christians.”

“It shows his support for evangelicals,” Jeffress agreed. “In 1984, Ronald Reagan addressed the NRB and he said, ‘You can’t endorse me but I can endorse you.’ Well, I think this group is gonna say tonight, ‘We can endorse you and we do endorse you!’ Not because you’re a perfect person, but because you have policies that are biblical.”

Known for his outspokenness and media presence, Jeffress has often engaged in political discussions and public commentary. And while he is widely recognized for his strong support of former President Donald Trump, praising Trump’s leadership and policies as aligning with Christian values, Jeffress has occasionally offered critical perspectives of the indicted former President. Jeffress previously expressed concerns over Trump’s language and behavior, emphasizing the need for a leader who upholds Christian principles. However, these moments of critique have generally been tempered by his overall support and advocacy for Trump’s presidency.