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Pastor Jack Hibbs Endorses Steve Garvey for Senate From Pulpit in Apparent Violation of US Tax Code

Jack Hibbs
Screengrab via Facebook / @Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

California pastor Jack Hibbs recently endorsed Steve Garvey, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, from the pulpit of his church. 

Hibbs, who is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, is well known in Southern California for his political activism. On Sunday (Feb. 25), Hibbs used his church platform to make a number of partisan statements, from the local to the national level. 

Prior to the sermon, Hibbs invited two members of the Orange Unified School District board to the stage to pray for them in light of an effort to have them removed from the board for what Hibbs described as “their Judeo-Christian values.” The recall effort came after a dispute over library materials and other LGBTQ+ related issues. 

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In his prayer, Hibbs asked God to “dismantle the teacher’s union that is literally, really, honestly, when you dive in to look at them, it’s just worthless, what they do. It’s just another avenue for George Soros types to do their mischief.”

After the prayer, Hibbs transitioned into an endorsement of Trump, who had just given an address at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention.

“Do pray for him,” Hibbs said. “I don’t know what else is left for them to try to stop him.”

After lamenting that “our nation is dying,” Hibbs went on to say that the Democratic ticket for the 2024 presidential election will likely feature former first lady Michelle Obama and California governor Gavin Newsom instead of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

“It’s going to be an unbeatable ticket to be quite honest with you,” Hibbs said. “But God. Bottom line, you have to remember this: God is looking for a candidate that’s pro-life.”

In reference to California’s U.S. Senate race, Hibbs added, “How are you voting regarding our upcoming local vote?”

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“I want to say publicly, right now, today, [I] encourage all of you to vote for Steve Garvey,” Hibbs said. Garvey, a former baseball star for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, is running as a Republican.