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Catherine Lidstone From ‘The Chosen’ Stars in New Easter Film ‘Forty-Seven Days With Jesus’

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus Cathrine Lidstone
Photo credit: "Forty-Seven Days with Jesus"

Catherine Lidstone, best known for her role as Lazarus’ sister, Mary, in the critically-acclaimed series “The Chosen,” stars as Juliana Burdon in a heartwarming Easter movie titled, “Forty-Seven Days with Jesus.”

Directed by Emilio Palame and David M. Gutel and backed Reel Big Studios, Pinnacle Peak Pictures, and Fathom Events, the film brings the Easter story to life and reminds us of the gospel’s enduring impact through the telling of the disconnected Burdon family.

The Burdons come to realize just how disconnected their family has become while attending a family reunion. As Lidstone’s character faces problems in her marriage—her husband is played by Yoshi Barrigas, who also plays Phillip in “The Chosen”—parenting issues, and her father-in-law’s health hurdles, the adults decide to share her father-in-law’s “Forty-Seven Days” story with the kids.

Her father-in-law’s story transports them back in time to see the miracles of Jesus’ final 47 days on earth. When an unexpected business opportunity occurs, Mr. Burdon is at a crossroads and his commitment to his family is tested. As the story is told, the family embarks on a journey towards unity and rediscovers the true essence of walking in faith.

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Lidstone told ChurchLeaders that the film is a “beautiful family film that starts off with a family that’s going through a very difficult time and the audience get to witness how generational traditions and the story of the gospel ministers to the people in the family.”

After reading the script, Lidstone shared how she fell in love with the character of Juliana Burdon.

“I loved that was she was approaching the situation from a beautiful heart place,” Lidstone said. “She wanted the best for her family. She wanted to have her husband be there for her children and honor his father because his father had health issues. So she’s juggling a lot and she’s trying to be the glue for the family.”

“What she did beautifully in the film is she stayed humble and respectful while seeking out what she needed her husband to understand,” she added.

Lidstone said that no matter what background people have, she hopes they walk away from the film having been “touched by the outer story of the relevance of a modern family going through modern troubles and how the roots of your family and finding what’s really important can bring them back together.”