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Detroit Pistons Guard Jaden Ivey: ‘Wake Up’ Because ‘Jesus Is Coming Back’

Jaden Ivey
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After scoring 34 points in a win last week, Detroit Pistons basketball player Jaden Ivey praised God and boldly declared that people should repent and believe in Jesus. The 22-year-old point guard addressed the media after his team’s March 7 victory against the Brooklyn Nets.

Near the beginning of his post-game press conference, Ivey said, “I give all the glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for giving me these gifts and…just being able to glorify him in heaven.” When the second-year pro out of Purdue was asked about his professional growth, he explained that he just keeps shooting and keeps trying.

“I sow the seed every day, just continuing to trust God to…grow my game,” said Ivey. “I still have more growth to go.”

Jaden Ivey: ‘Jesus Is the Way, the Truth, the Life’

Jaden Ivey, the fifth overall pick in the 2022 NBA draft, said his “young legs” help with his stamina. But he added that everyone deals with fatigue on the court because “everybody’s human.” The athlete said although he was excited about the 118-112 victory, the growth he witnessed among his teammates that night was most important.

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Before ending the press conference, Ivey shared a heartfelt message about his Christian faith. “I just want to say that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life,” he told reporters, quoting John 14:6. “And to any of…the world that’s hearing this message, the kingdom of heaven is near. Jesus is coming back, and we all have to repent for our sins. And we have to put our faith in Jesus.

“He will come back when you least expect it,” Ivey concluded. “It’s time to wake up if you haven’t put your faith in Jesus Christ.”

Jaden Ivey: It’s a ‘Blessing’ To Do What You Love

Jaden Ivey comes from a family of athletes and a family of faith. His father and grandfather both played in the NFL, and his mother, Niele Ivey, played in the WNBA for five years. Jaden was born during his mom’s pro career.

Niele Ivey—now the head women’s basketball coach at Notre Dame, her alma mater—also is vocal about her Christian faith. Two years ago, as the NCAA Tournament neared, she posted, “I feel such gratitude for God’s favor and for my team’s commitment to our goals. I’m so thankful that I get the opportunity to lead and mentor them!”