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‘I Am Giving It All Up For Christ’—OnlyFans Star Nala Ray Declares Faith in Jesus

Nala Ray
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Millionaire OnlyFans model Nala Ray has deleted all her adult videos from her profile after giving her life to Jesus.

The 23-year-old Ray grew up a Baptist pastor’s daughter in what she described was a strict religious household, sharing, “My upbringing was very strict. I am the middle child of five kids. We were all homeschooled, read the Bible daily, and attended Baptist church every Sunday.”

Nala Ray Grew Up in the Church—And Rebelled as a Teen

“When I was a teenager, my dad bought a church in Illinois and we all moved to live there and created a church community,” she added. “The church dominated the day-to-day and as a pastor family I felt pressure to be a role model.”

Ray said that growing up she wasn’t allowed to wear make-up or “provocative” clothing, wasn’t allowed on social media, and wasn’t wasn’t allowed to date. “I was also homeschooled,” she said, adding that her “life truly felt like a cage.”


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In a 2021 interview, Ray described herself as “curious and sexual” and rebellious, saying she would regularly sneak out to meet up with boys. “I didn’t sneak out for drinking or partying. I just wanted to be loved and appreciated sexually.”

“Even then, as a 16-year-old pastor’s daughter, I knew that sex work would be my calling,” she added.

Nala Ray Turned Away From Church and Toward Social Media and OnlyFans

It was after her family sold the church and moved to Florida that Ray says she started to turn further from church.

Ray says she was immature and lacked knowledge about dating and sex because she had been taught sexuality was a “forbidden, shameful” thing. Ray said, “I was born to be a sexual creature. Women’s bodies make the world go round. At the time, I was always sneaking out and I had a string of failed relationships and flings that I do look back on with regret.”

The “curiosity” of it all drew her into making “some bad choices experimenting,” she explained.

When she was 18 she dropped out of college, stopped going to church, and started a fitness modeling Instagram account—a social media page that would eventually launch her into creating adult content.

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“At the end of 2019, one of my followers on Instagram messaged me saying I should be on OnlyFans. I’m so glad they did,” she said in a 2021. ”It changed my life.”