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Ben Fuller Invites ‘American Idol’ Favorite Megan Danielle To Re-Record ‘If I Got Jesus’

Commenting on the song itself, someone said, “It’s stuck in my head…powerful song…and I’m grateful…It’s right up there as a top 10 gospel great…”

The duo share a deep love for Jesus and live out that love through their music. Both Fuller and Danielle look forward to heaven, just as “I Got Jesus” states:

Someday that trumpet’s gonna sound
And the King of Heaven will ride upon the clouds, coming down
I’ll hit my knees, oh Lord, then sings my soul
I’m going home

New Christian Artist Ben Fuller Shares His Life—and His Redemption—in His Music

In a interview with ChurchLeaders, Fuller shared more of his story and his humble approach to the stage. He said that he had been treated “more like Jesus” by those who don’t profess to be Christians.

Fuller has been open about his past struggles with drugs, alcohol, and immoral relationships. But after a friend died from a drug overdose, God got Fuller’s attention and has redeemed his life.

Fuller wanted believers to “just be real and let’s just be honest with each other.” He admitted that he knows “how hard that looks, especially with an image and trying to uphold things. But I’ve just found out when I go onstage and I say that I had a gun in my mouth when I was 16 years old,” it lifts a veil and lets others know that they, too, “can talk about” struggles, sin, and addiction.

Megan Danielle Continues To Soar Since ‘American Idol’

At the close of the 21st season of “American Idol,” Danielle came in second place, behind Iam Tongi. From a small town in Georgia, she has gone from waitressing alongside her mom to the big stage.

Throughout the competition, Danielle sang songs of faith—including Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” and Keith Urban’s “God Whispered Your Name.” Danielle was open, both online and in interviews, about her deep faith.

Danielle said, “I was born to share the love of Jesus.” The artist has recorded just a handful of singles, with a couple being released during or after the competition. She continues to lead worship and perform small concerts.