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Christian Artist Ben Fuller Encourages the Church To Be Authentic—‘I’ve Been Treated More Like Jesus’ by those Who Don’t Know Him

Ben Fuller
Ben Fuller at 2023 Dove Awards. Photo credit: Isabel Jackson

Ben Fuller, a Christian musician who grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Vermont, has been nominated for the Gospel Music Association’s (GMA) New Artist of the Year at this year’s Dove Awards.

Fuller wears his powerful testimony on his sleeve and never misses the opportunity to share how God saved a man who was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and immoral relationships. It wasn’t until his best friend died of a heroin overdose in 2017 that God laid it on Fuller’s heart to tell his story, pointing to hope can be found in Jesus.

In 2022, Fuller released an eight-song record titled “Who I Am,” and his highly anticipated self-titled album is scheduled to be released on Friday (Oct. 20).

At this year’s red carpet event at the Dove Awards, Fuller told ChurchLeaders that he doesn’t “deserve to be on this carpet. So I’m just praising God [that he] opened the doors for me to be here.”

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Fuller is currently on the “Where The Joy Is Tour” with We Are Messengers and Cochren & Co. He described the experience as “a gift…to be able to speak life and to speak God’s word over people” every night.

Fuller explained that he calls their nightly performances “for-reals” instead of “shows” because his life is really on display.

Fuller wishes more Christians were authentic about their struggles and shortcomings.

“I’m going to be straight up honest with you,” Fuller said. “I have been treated more like Jesus from people that don’t know Jesus out on the road—homeless people, people dealing with drug addiction, and people helping with the production crew at the end of the night loading the trucks.”

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Fuller encouraged Christians to “just be real and let’s just be honest with each other.” Fuller admitted that he knows “how hard that looks, especially with an image and trying to uphold things. But I’ve just found out when I go onstage and I say that I had a gun in my mouth when I was 16 years old,” it pulls back the curtain and allows others to understand that they too “can talk about” their struggles.