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Nancy French Had It All—Then Along Came Trump. Her New Book ‘Ghosted’ Tells All.

Nancy French
“Ghosted” and author Nancy French. (Courtesy images)

(RNS) — Nancy French’s approach to life can be summed up in a line from a hit Van Halen song.

“Might as well jump.”

At age 20 she dropped out of college to get married and move to New York with a man she barely knew, later talked her way into a career as a ghostwriter by hopping on a plane to Alaska to interview Bristol Palin and once collided with Sen. Mitt Romney on a mountain in Utah while pretending she was an experienced skier.

That fearless approach to life made French a five-times New York Times bestselling author and the go-to ghostwriter for viral celebrities from “The Bachelor” and “Dancing With the Stars,” as well as conservative political influencers.

Things were going great. Enter Donald Trump.

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When French and her husband, David, a conservative lawyer turned author and New York Times columnist, criticized Trump’s rise to political power, the two became pariahs in the conservative circles they once called home. Both friends and former clients cut her off as too radioactive to work with.

Things got worse when she shared about being abused as a teenager after hearing people dismiss allegations against former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore for past sexual misconduct with teenagers.

French said she went from ghostwriter to ghosted in a heartbeat.

“I’d revealed my true self, and my fellow conservatives had found me contemptible,” she writes in her new memoir, “Ghosted,” out Tuesday (April 16) from Zondervan. The book traces her story, from her exploits as the best shot in her middle school hunter safety class to her surprising writing success to her post-Trump life, including a recent appearance on the “Moth Radio Hour,” recounting how David Lee Roth almost ruined her marriage.

The memoir is a story of friends lost and found and starting over after the life you thought you had vanishes.