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‘God Is Moving’—Unite Keynoter Jennie Allen Shares Video of Baptisms at University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee
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On May 1, the Thompson-Boling Arena at the University of Tennessee was transformed into a worship event focused on “college students united to lift the name of Jesus.” Thousands of students gathered together, and hundreds were baptized.

“What began in Auburn, Alabama, has continued to grow into a movement reaching college campuses across the nation,” said Unite.

Unite Headliner Jennie Allen Celebrates Hundreds of Baptisms at the University of Tennessee

According to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), 8,000 college students gathered on the campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

More than “120 students chose to make their decision public with water baptism,” according to the event’s Facebook page. “God is doing something special at college campuses across the country, and we believe there is even MORE to come!”

Jennie Allen, founder of IF:Gathering, served as one of the keynote speakers at the recent Unite gathering. From her extensive work and research on the roles thoughts and emotions play in our everyday lives, Allen related well with the students in attendance.

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“There has been so much brokenness and weight on our campus and we have been praying for a move (of God) and I just pray that that continues,” a female student told FOX & Friends.

Just after the release of her new book, “Untangle Your Emotions: Naming What You Feel and Knowing What to Do About It,” Allen joined “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share why church leaders need to pay attention to their emotions.

“A thought can sometimes be redirected. But when you’ve been trying to redirect it for a week, a month, a year, and it’s not really moving, that’s probably a signal that there’s more to it, and there’s probably something deeper that you’ve got to look at,” said Allen.

Jonathan “JP” Pokluda shared the Unite stage alongside Allen and spoke from his experience as lead pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, and host of the “Becoming Something Podcast.”

“Last night once again thousands gathered and hundreds responded to Christ and were baptized,” said Allen. “It’s just too good!”

She expressed her appreciation to Tona Prewett, the team at Unite, students, and local pastors who came together to plan and promote the event.


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Several students who attended Unite spoke with FOX & Friends. One student told of her favorite moment from the event: “Just seeing the presence of the Lord fill the room and how people from all different backgrounds came together for one reason and to worship Jesus is just so awesome.”

“We have been waiting for a move like this all school year,” another student shared. “At the finale of the event, we were singing ‘Speak the Name of Jesus,’ and students just rushed to the front. I brought my buddy, and it brought us to our knees. There are just no words for the experience.”

With nearly 100,000 likes and more than a thousand comments on Allen’s post, the event and student participation are getting noticed around the country.

Most people are encouraging while they celebrate with event leaders and students. Others spoke up against the event taking place at all.

“This! So beautiful and such a stark contrast to news on other campuses!” a user named Nancy said. “Go God, and go Jennie and team! Love this so much! Praise God!”

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Carolyn was excited to have a personal interest in the event as her son and niece were both in attendance. She shared, “@seancroker so proud of you, son!!! And walking your cousin @oliviavdesmond through baptism….God is so good!!!!”

In contrast, a user named Patrick argued, “Do this at church, not on campus.”

“I hope they know that it takes more than just being baptized to be saved,” mentioned Charlotte.