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Pastor Joel Webbon Expresses ‘Relief’ When Encountering White Families; Pastor Brian Sauvé Calls Jewish Culture ‘Wicked’

New Christendom Press
Screengrab via YouTube / @New Christendom Press

A panel discussion at the recent New Christendom Press conference ran headlong into controversy, with panelists expressing disapproval for women who serve as political leaders or pundits, remarking about “a sense of relief” when encountering white families, and alleging that Jewish culture is “wicked.”

The conference, which was held June 6-8 in Ogden, Utah, is part of the New Christendom Press’ self-described mission to equip “Christians to fight the good fight, build to last, and conquer the world for Christ’s Kingdom and glory.”

The panel included Pastors Brian Sauvé, Joel Webbon, and J. Chase Davis, as well as Dr. Joe Rigney, who is a fellow of theology at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, and Dr. Stephen Wolfe, who is the author of “The Case for Christian Nationalism.”

The conversation, titled “Christian Nationalism, Women in Politics, & Jewish Influence on American Society,” was facilitated by Eric Conn, host of the “Hard Men” podcast. 

To open the discussion, Conn said it would be a “friendly, pugilistic debate.” 

The men went on to discuss why they believe women, such as Allie Beth Stuckey, ought not to offer political commentary or engage in public theological discussions and debates. Webbon said that when Stuckey criticized his view of patriarchy on her podcast, he realized, “We have a problem.”

Rigney said that Stuckey’s work is allowable during a time of culture war, but “in a normal, healthy, godly Christian republic, it wouldn’t be appropriate.” Rigney also made an allowance for Daily Wire reporter Megan Basham, saying that she “is a mom and a homemaker” rather than “the main breadwinner in her home.” 

The discussion then turned to politics more widely, with Wolfe describing people on the political left as “enemies of civilization” and “enemies of the human race” who “ought to be undermined and ultimately destroyed.” 

Sauvé said that political discourse should have “a masculine edge,” adding that the fact that Stuckey is “stepping up to the plate” is “an immediate rebuke to the men.” 

When asked about his home state of Texas, Webbon expressed concern about the possibility of the state moving to the political left “in large part because of the border.” 

“Like, I walk around my neighborhood—and it’s not that there aren’t different shades of, you know, white and brown—who cares?” Webbon said. “No, I mean, it’s like full, straight up Hindu garb at our neighborhood swimming pool, that my daughter is asking [about] and I’m trying to explain.”