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Your Sunday Guest Experience Checklist

Guest Experience At the Campus Entrance:

  • All entrances to campus clearly marked with signage.
  • Directions to main entrance and preschool/children’s entrance clearly marked.
  • Volunteers or uniformed officers directing traffic (if traffic is an issue).
  • Parking lot clean, clear of debris (leaves, pine, straw, dirt).
  • Snow and ice cleared from walking paths and sidewalks on cold days; sand or salt distributed as needed to keep lot from being hazardous to vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Grass mowed, weeds pulled from any flower beds, dead flowers or shrubs removed.
  • Dead birds or animals on property discarded.
  • Wooded areas neat; wild growing shrubbery and weeds trimmed so woods do not appear “overgrown.”
  • Any water features on campus (fountains, ponds) operating properly and not filled with stagnant, smelly water.
  • Entrance doors clearly marked; visible from parking lot.
  • Parking area, entrances and walkways brightly lit at night; outdoor direction signs employ reflective lettering for night viewing.
  • Guest parking area (if provided) marked; assistance available to guests in parking area (volunteers).
  • Handicap parking and access provided; handicap ramps clear of debris and in good overall repair.