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25 Common Myths About Christianity, And Answers From James Emory White

21. You can’t harmonize archaeology with the Bible.

There has never been a single archaeological discovery that has ever contradicted the Bible, but countless that have supported it. That is simply the record.

22. All churches care about is your money.

There is little doubt that there are some imbalanced churches and some sketchy ministries that seem to care about what’s in your wallet more than you.

But they are the exception, not the rule, and when evidenced have nothing to do with the directive of Jesus.

23. There are so many translations of the Bible, there’s no way of knowing what it really says.

Don’t confuse translations with “versions.” All ancient manuscripts that we read today are offered as “translations” into English.

We know exactly what the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts said; it’s the English language that keeps changing and demands continual updates.

24. None of the four gospels in the New Testament were first-hand, eyewitness accounts.

To say this is to call the four gospels either forgeries, or written by a liar, as all four clearly maintain they are eyewitness accounts. Further, the textual credibility of all four is among the highest of all ancient texts, validating both their authorship and era.

25. Jesus never meant to start a church.

Here’s a quote: “ … I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” (Matthew 16:18, NLT) 


If you would like to go further on many of these myths/truths, see James Emery White ’s A Search for the Spiritual: Exploring Authentic Christianity (Baker).

On Old Testament issues: Klein, Blomberg and Hubbard’s Introduction to Biblical Interpretation.

On having a Christian mind, see James Emery White ’s A Mind for God (InterVarsity).

On matters of evil and suffering, see James Emery White ’s Wrestling with God (InterVarsity Press).

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