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4 Great Halloween Trivia Questions

halloween trivia

Some love it and some hate it, but Halloween is anything but trivial. From a day at the beach to an attempted plot to blow up the Parliament building, Halloween trivia stretches across the globe. How much do you know about Halloween?

4 Great Halloween Trivia Questions

1. Halloween’s Birthday

Halloween, which draws its name from the Catholic holy-day All Hallows’ Eve, is thought to have its roots in a Celtic festival about 2,000 years ago called Samhain, which means “summer’s end” in Gaelic.

Similar to All Saints’ Day, people would honor saints, martyrs and loved ones who had passed away that year. It was believed the dead would return to earth as ghosts. Family members would leave out little treats or set a place at the table in memory a deceased loved one. Others believed the ghosts would cause trouble and damage crops, which the Celts used to make predictions about the future.