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15 Church Growth Ideas

5. Celebrate communion with your small group or Sunday School class.

This might not work in every church, but what if you equipped your group leaders to celebrate communion with their group? Help the leaders unpack the meaning and then walk through the experience together. It could make for a very special group experience.

6. Create a Bible reading plan for your church.

The Bible can be intimidating or confusing to new Christians. Encourage your congregation to read the Bible by creating a reading plan that’s unique for your church.

It could be a 7-day quick start guide, a 30-day reading plan, or even a one-year guide. Make it available online, send it as a weekly email, or print copies for your welcome center or worship guide.

7. Give a gift to children who visit for the first time.

Children love getting gifts. So create a gift bag for kids who visit for the first time. Fill it with the kind of goodies kids get at a birthday party. Give it out as they leave and you’ll make a lasting impression.

8. Serve at community events.

Instead of creating your own events from the ground up, absorbing all of the costs and providing all of the volunteers, consider helping an existing event and making it better. Maybe there’s a school that does a Thanksgiving event. Show up with candy, supplies and a bunch of volunteers. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce hosts a 5k or the Parks and Rec Department organizes a firework show. Ask how you can help make it better.

9. Shoe Polish Sunday.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to share the news and invite people, try shoe polish. As people are leaving, have a few people available to write messages on the windows of cars. Messages might say “I love Cross Church” or “Happy Birthday Cross Church.” It’s a simple way for people to share their excitement about church and build awareness in the community.

10. Offer guests a gift when they visit.

If you want more guests to fill out that communication card, or if you want to provide a place for guests to have a personal conversation with someone, offer them a gift. Encourage people to go to a designated place to pick up their “no-strings-attached” free gift and make sure it’s staffed by a friendly volunteer.

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