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Relay Games for Teens: 11 Active Youth Group Challenges

relay games for teens

Relay games for teens add action to your youth group gatherings. Preteens and teens enjoy active team games. Plus, these ideas can tie into Bible lessons that you teach in youth group and Sunday school.

Relay games for teens also make great icebreakers at the beginning of a youth class or meeting. Plus, they help kids burn off excess energy. After playing, they’ll be more receptive to your teaching or preaching. Whether you play for fun or competition, kids will have a blast with these high-energy games.

If you’ve “run” out of relay race ideas (pun intended!), we have you covered. So check out this awesome collection of active relay games for teens and preteens.

11 Relay Games for Teens

First, choose a theme that fits your lesson. Then select an activity level that’s right for your group.

1. Water Relay Races for Kids

If weather permits, head outside for classic relay race fun. Check out this site’s long list of race games that involve water and assorted messiness.

2. Watch Your Step!

Some of the challenging relay race ideas here involve special instructions. For example, racers must walk or run by placing their heel to their toe, requiring very short steps.

3. Backseat Driver

This driving-simulation relay race is perfect for new drivers! It’s one of several super-fun relays that older children and teens will love.

4. Youth Group Relay Games

Seal Racing, anyone?! Or how about Couples Crab Walk? Get creative with this long list of relay race ideas.

5. Human Hurdle

Set clear safety rules when playing relay race games (especially this one!).

6. Golf Ball Waiter Relay

Next, have players test their speed and balance with this relay race. Pro Tip: Use it to introduce a lesson about the challenges of serving other people.