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Why We’re Not Equipping Others for Ministry

It’s easy and comfortable to rely on pastors to “do the ministry,” especially if that has been the culture and practice in the church. It is simply what people have observed and known. Thus, in many churches, the cycle continues.

3. Selfishness

Yes, some people resist a culture of equipping because they are selfish. For some, refusing to embrace a biblical approach to ministry is a heart issue, not a head issue; a lack of passion, not a lack of knowledge. They are likely to bemoan that pastors have easy jobs and lament life in the real world. In their minds, they give to the church and are owed some goods and services in return. Of course, shaming them won’t change their hearts. Only the grace and kindness of Jesus can.

If a church insists that pastors “do the ministry,” the church suffers. Consumers and moochers are formed rather than participants and contributors. The scope of the ministry is limited to the time and abilities of a few people. May God give us churches, not just pastors, that embrace a ministry philosophy that values the priesthood of all believers and the importance of equipping.


This article on equipping members for outreach originally appeared here, and is used by permission.