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Former Atheist Shares One Easy Way to Grow Your Church

You Know Who Looks for a Church? New believers!

Churches can’t help but grow when their members are helping reach people who don’t yet know Jesus.

After one believer learned about the site, he told me, “I took three cards to the site with me today and talked to three people. It was so easy.” That’s all it takes. Carry a couple of cards, and see the opportunities.

They might very well hear people say to them things like this:

“My prayers are now very emotional. Often tears flow on my cheeks. It is impossible to describe. I found a light in the dark. I opened my heart to the Lord Jesus. I am so happy.” ~Ondre

“I have known Christ since I was a child. (I’m 19 years old now.) My relationship with Him was on/off. Two months ago, I got tired of my life and decided to return to Jesus. He directed me to your site. I must say, these two months have been the best two months of my entire life! From my heart, thank you.” ~Joy

Until you came along, I was going to do something that I would have regretted for the rest of my life. Once again, I want to thank you. Not only has it opened my eyes, but my heart as well. It is amazing the way I see things now, as oppose to the way I did a few weeks ago. If you knew me personally you would be amazed at the changes in me.” ~Jose

“I had no idea how impactful the website could be to my life. I feel there has been a tremendous change in my life. I’m so grateful I can offer this wonderful website to others, that they too many experience God’s love as they begin a relationship with him. I no longer live in fear, discouragement and disappoint of sin. Thank you so much for this. EveryPerson.com is such a valuable gift. I really appreciate it!” ~Joseph

There is also a website to help new believers grow deeply. In fact, new believers can begin growing two minutes after they receive Christ. No class you need to organize. You just encourage the person to see StartingwithGod.com.

Imagine what it could be like for believers in your church to see God use them to help nonbelievers begin to know Jesus. Nothing fuels the energy of a church more than new believers, the change Jesus brings to their lives, their joy at finally knowing God’s love for them.

This is a simple, low risk way to lead nonbelievers to Christ, that fits their normal culture. “I know a great website that takes on the hard questions about life and God. Here, let me give it to you.”

Both EveryPerson.com and StartingwithGod.com can be strong resources to bring into your church.

This site will give you a fast way to bring this into your church.