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Angel Numbers in the Bible – Is This for Real?

angel numbers in the bible

What should you make of randomly glancing at your watch and reading 5:55 a.m., only to glance randomly again later that day and have it read 5:55 p.m.? Or perhaps you run by the grocery store for a couple of things, and the receipt is $22.22. Or you fill up your car with gas and it comes to exactly $77.77. Some would see such things as completely random, but to others, the repeating numeric sequences are known as “angel numbers” and are filled with meaning and significance as signs of “confirmation” and “directionality.” Are angel numbers in the Bible?

Are Angel Numbers in the Bible?

Seeing angel numbers may mean you are getting a “green light” to do something or to take a particular path. This can involve any aspect of life, from relationships to job opportunities. The key is for the number to come in a set of three, and for you to come across it more than once. The more the angel number is repeated in your life, the more significance it holds.

It is without question that the Bible clearly affirms the symbolic significance of certain numbers. The number “1” is used throughout the Bible to convey the unity and uniqueness of God. The number “2” reflects the basic units of creation and of multiplication, such as the creation of man and woman as husband and wife, or the animals entering the ark in pairs of two. The number “3” refers to things that are finished or completed, such as the full, complete nature of God being triune. The number “7” is symbolic of fulfillment and perfection—e.g., God finished and fulfilled His perfect, creative work on the seventh day. Then there’s the number “12,” which is tied to the purposes of God. Israel was made up of 12 tribes who would be His chosen people to do His work on Earth, and Jesus selected 12 apostles for His time of ministry and who later founded and shaped the Church.