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7 Leadership Guarantees From Ron Edmondson

leadership guarantees

I can give you some leadership guarantees. And I don’t make many. I once had a leader who was an emphatic talker. Statements were made with no reservation in them about things – honestly – I simply didn’t believe. He would say stuff such as, “There is no way this would ever work.” Really? No way? Maybe the chance is limited, but no way?

He impressed upon me enough I’ve always been hesitant about emphatic statements – unless they are Biblical truths, of course. But I have some emphatic statements to make. I’m calling them leadership guarantees.

7 Leadership Guarantees

1. Every decision you make to change something will produce multiple responses.

Some will agree. Others will not. And some will not care either way.

Yet, the fact is change is inevitable. You can deny it, attempt to avoid it or be afraid of how people will react to it. But change is coming either way. It’s best to be on the side of change where you at least have some chance of helping the change be for the best overall good of the people you lead.

2. You will many times feel under-appreciated as a leader. 

In my observation, the longer you do something well the less people notice your efforts. It becomes your “normal”.