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Do Churches Need Answers to Big Theological Questions?

My only problem is God. He seems to think the church is important. Here’s a meditation: try reading Paul’s letter to the Ephesians without considering the place of the church in God’s order of things. The church is mentioned nine times in three separate contexts during this short letter. The Spirit-inspired text says some outrageous things about the church:

  • The church is the “fulness of God” (1: 22-23). Really?
  • God wants to speak to the cosmos, using the church as the example of his “manifold wisdom” (3: 10-11). No way!
  • God actually thinks marriage is an everyday picture of Jesus and the Church (5: 22-33)

Before we all spend our tithe on lattes and pints with our best friends and call it “church” perhaps we could consider the big question of what God has in mind for the church and for us as followers of Jesus. It’s a big question that matters everyday.


This article on theological questions originally appeared here, and is used by permission.