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Do Churches Need Answers to Big Theological Questions?

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Sometimes the big questions intersect with our everyday life. My opinions regarding large theological questions trickle all the way down to my ability to follow Jesus day-by-day. For example, my view of the scripture will determine how much authority it has in my life. My understanding of God’s purpose for marriage will find it’s way into my choices about sex. Or, for example, my view of the church will influence my everyday life as a follower of Jesus.

But here’s the challenge: not everyone thinks the answers to big theological questions matter in their ability to follow Jesus. We think they are simply matters of opinion, or even preference. What if big theological questions help or hinder the outreach of a church?

Do Churches Need Answers to Big Theological Questions?

One current question in North America has to do with the importance of the church. Church life in America has become a symbol of irrelevance, hypocrisy, or even considered harmful in the life of a disciple. Why not simply head out to Starbucks or a pub with my believing friends and call that “church?” Who needs the hassle of small-minded people or the drama of church as a someone’s private kingdom? I see the point of these questions. The church in the U.S. is desperately ill. So why not turn off the life support system?