Church Planting

Cities Are Changing–Churches Are Not

Efrem Smith offers a call to action for churches to catch up with their changing urban communities.

What It Means to Plant the Church

Veteran church planters talk about starting a new church from scratch.

7 Tips for Planting in a New Community

Ron Edmondson shares seven tips for planting a church in a new environment.

What You Want on Your Church Planting Team

Dave Ferguson lists the first three things he would look for in a church planting team.

The Imperative of Launching Churches

Nelson Searcy helps leaders really consider planting a church.

The Purpose of Church Planting

Grant Sowter, a church planter with multiple daughter churches across Oceania, discusses the purpose of church planting from a beautiful spot in Australia: oceania 2...

Exponential and Church Planting Trends

Most churches are not currently involved in church planting, but it does appear that there is growing activity.

Church Planting And Family Planting

A planter’s wife told me a few months before we started our church, “You’re not a real church planter unless you have a kid...

Neil Cole on Magic Seeds of Church Planting

Neil Cole, author of Church 3.0, discussed the magic seeds of church planting during Verge Conference’s 2nd session. Here is what he said: In Mark...

Discovering Church Planting

J. D. Payne is a National Missionary with the North American Mission Board and an Associate Professor of Evangelism and Church Planting in the...

Be Fruitful and Multiply: Expanding Your Influence Through Church Planting

Church planting is perhaps the most effective way to reach people in a community for Christ. In fact, statistically, more people come to Christ...

Church Planting Leadership Fellowship Today

Right now, I am meeting with the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship. In the first picture, Todd Wilson is teaching about starting churches through servant...

The Great Commission Is Church Planting

Dave Early explains why any Great Commission initiative that does not result in the forming of new churches misses the mark.

Church Planting and the Heart of God

If you could cut the heart of God, you would find that God bleeds church planting.

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