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A Pastor Walks Into a Gay Bar And…

A Pastor Walks into a Gay Bar And...

Charles Darwin said that a scientific man should have “no wishes, no affections, a mere heart of stone.” That may pass in some scientific circles. But those who follow the way of the cross ought to be defined first by our theology, then biology. Theos > bios.

Good apologists who are on mission seek to thoughtfully answer the questions that people are actually asking.

Peter says that we are to always be ready to give an answer (a defense!) for the hope that lies within us. So, yes, we must be sharp in our apologetics. However, the verse implies that people are actually asking you about your faith because of its radical nature! If nobody’s asking, you’re off mission. Bottom line.

I certainly don’t have all of the answers. I, like you, see through a blurry glass. That doesn’t mean every issue is blurry. But what it does mean is that we certainly don’t have exhaustive knowledge about everyone and everything. Omniscience still belongs to God alone.

Our job today is to attempt to speak where God has spoken. I write the following with all the love and grace I can possibly muster up.

I am often asked about my church planting experience in Georgia. I went about church planting in a very unconventional manner. (Zero, zilch fundraising whatsoever, for example.) But beyond that, I planted a church in a gay-friendly rock ‘n’ roll bar.

Yes. I said it. Gay.

In my town, there wasn’t a “gay bar,” but this place was the place one could go if you were gay, bi, straight, married, single, dating, whatever. Tolerance and diversity was the name of the game (which is great because I can’t think of anyone who appreciates and practices patience nor diversity better than God himself).

Friends Don’t Let Pastors Go to Gay Bars

In December of 2006, I started making some decisions informed by the Bible, led by the Holy Spirit, with my wife’s blessing and support, and a few godly friends around me. You see, I became incredibly convicted reading the gospels and seeing that Jesus was called “a friend of drunkards and sinners.” This began keeping me up at night. It was all I could think about.

“Friend?” What does that even mean?

I looked through my phone and calendar and saw that his reputation and mine weren’t remotely alike. Touching the untouchables. Forgiving the worst folks in society. An advocate for the poor and the marginalized. Loving the throw-aways.

Restoring dignity to a prostitute? Are you kidding? How did he do this? Why would he do this?