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Marriage Red Flags – Please Don’t Marry This Man!!!

marriage red flags

My heart is grieving. I’ve received several Facebook messages from women who asked my advice about whether they should marry a man they were in a dysfunctional dating relationship with when my book The Sacred Search first came out several years ago. Each one noticed several marriage red flags in their dating relationship and asked me if I thought they should be concerned.

If There Are Marriage Red Flags — Don’t Marry That Guy!

Now I’m getting a second round of Facebook messages, and since Facebook brings up the previous correspondence, I’m reminded of prior conversations.

It breaks my heart. Let me paraphrase a few:

“He said he was sorry, we ended up getting married, and now I’m the only one who seems to care about our relationship.”

“I’m doing everything I can to save my marriage but he refuses to see a counselor.”
“You were right. He’s a sex addict.”
“I guess now I should have listened. Turns out he’s gay.”

Let me state this as clearly and as forcefully as I can: A dysfunctional dating relationship sealed by marriage doesn’t make any problems go away; it simply cements you in a dysfunctional marriage. Marriage won’t improve your man. Marriage won’t change your man. (The same is true of a woman, of course.) Marriage simply weds you to your partner’s problems.

When you raise a discussion about significant dating red flags and the man or woman responds by crying and saying they’re sorry, nothing has changed. They’ve been caught, they don’t want to lose you, but it doesn’t mean they will repent. It doesn’t mean their character will improve. It just means they cried.

That’s it.