Stepping Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

Have you noticed that God often calls us to face stepping into the unknown and the uncomfortable?

Why do you think He does that?

Because our character is more important to God than our comfort, and we grow best when we are counting on Him and leaning on Him the most.

The critical question is this: When faced with something hard or even scary, what will you do?

Being comfortable is a pretty high value for most of us. Most people are not risk takers by nature. Many people like routine, security and functioning within their comfort zones.

But again, our faith and obedience are far more important to God than our comfort because when we step out in faith, that’s when amazing things can happen.

A Heritage of Stepping Into the Unknown

In Genesis 12:1-7, there’s an incredible story of Abram (who later became Abraham) being called by God into the unknown and unfamiliar. The most important verse in this passage is verse four where it says, “Abram went, as the Lord had told him.”

Abram said yes to God and models for us a faith that we are to emulate.

Of course it’s always easier to live in a comfort zone).

By the way, God didn’t give Abram a lot of information. He just said, “Go…and I will lead you!” And Abram did what God asked him to do. That’s faith.

Here’s how the Word defines faith:

  • Faith).
  • Faith is obeying even when you don’t understand (Hebrews 11:8).

Faith is believing and obeying no matter what the costs and no matter what the risks.

Nope. It’s not an easy way to live, but it is God’s way.