12 Easter Memes That’ll Make You Laugh…and Think

Easter Memes

It’s true that the facts of Easter are no laughing matter, but God does have a sense of humor. These 12 Easter memes will make you smile…laugh…and think a bit.

easter meme 11

Prime real estate…

easter meme 10

Yes! Jesus gets the mic drop!

easter meme 12

That’s right! Jesus paid the price for us!

easter meme 9

Rise and shine!

easter meme 8

Jesus is the coolest dude of all!

easter meme 7

Lent is over! Bring on the Easter brunch!

easter meme 6

What not to wear?

Easter Meme 5

Seriously? Who made that connection?

Easter Meme 4

No words…

Easter Meme 3

At least twice a year!

Easter Meme 2

Never saw it coming!

Easter Meme 1

Yes He is!

Happy Easter, everyone!


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