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Top 10 Symptoms of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality

Don’t be so focused on loving and caring for other people that you don’t take care of yourself. Put your own oxygen mask on first or you won’t be good to help others out with theirs, right?

10. Judging other people’s spiritual journey

This one runs rampant in the local church and in our own hearts, doesn’t it? We are competitive, sinful people, and this causes us to evaluate our own spiritual triumphs and failures in light of those around us.

Scazzero says, “By failing to let others be themselves before God and move at their own pace, we inevitably project onto them our own discomfort with their choice to live differently than we do.”

We must care about our own spiritual shortcomings before we even look at the shortcomings of others. We must deal with the logs in our own eyes before we address the specks in others’.

So, which symptom or few symptoms of emotionally unhealthy spirituality stand out to you as the ones you struggle with the most?

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