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The Great 30-Day Marriage Experiment

Here are some practical questions to ask if you’d like to launch this 30-day experiment for your marriage:

  • Is your attitude “Why doesn’t my spouse love me better” instead of “Hhow can I excel at loving my spouse?” If so, think of how silly it would sound for Jesus to say of his disciples, “I do miracles for them, I teach them, I feed them, I heal them, I cast demons out of them, but what do they ever do for me?”
  • Are you fighting to keep your addictions and desires under control so that you are free, spiritually, psychologically and physically, to devote yourself to loving your family?
  • Are you minute by minute and day by day laying down your life for your spouse, regularly thinking about his or her welfare?
  • Are you growing deeper in your walk with God so that you have more of Jesus’ empowering presence and ennobling truth with which to bless your family?

The experiment to start loving as Jesus loved, to actually begin taking this command seriously, may not be accomplished in a month (or ever, fully); but its pursuit will start to impact our marriages from the very first day it is tried.

Normally, I can’t keep interacting with comments on older posts, as there are just too many with which to keep up. However, for this post, I’d like us all to stick around for the next month or so in order to hear how it goes when it’s tried. If you end up with a personal testimony of how this “experiment” blessed your marriage, please come back and share it with all of us.

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