When All Hell Breaks Loose


Why do we do this every year at Columbine High School? The reason is carved in giant letters into the floor of the memorial: “Never Forgotten.”

I don’t ever want to forget the emotions I felt that day 25 years ago.

I don’t want teenagers to forget the impact of that school shooting.

I don’t want the church to forget the importance of mobilizing teenagers to strike back.

All hell has broken loose in our culture. It’s not just the rampant school shootings. It’s sexual and gender confusion. It’s senseless suicides and widespread adolescent depression and anxiety. It’s a growing sense of hopelessness that manifests itself in horrific ways in this generation.

And we must strike back!

We must pray for the next generation like never before.

We must mobilize Christian teenagers to share the Gospel with love, passion, and urgency.

We must stop playing defense and start playing offense, until every teen, everywhere, hears the Gospel from a friend.

May we never forget what happened 25 years ago on April 20, 1999.

May we strike back against the forces of darkness that have broken out against our young people, sharing the Good News that can transfer them to the Kingdom of Light and equipping them to do the same for their peers.

This article originally appeared here.