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Meaningful Youth Ministry: How to Make a Lasting Impact on Lives

meaningful youth ministry

How committed are you to meaningful youth ministry? And why does that matter?

You’ve seen the statistics and heard the horror stories. Many (if not most) teenagers abandon the church after graduating from high school. The biblical literacy of Christian teens is spiraling downward while the passion for all things worldly is skyrocketing upward. Families are more broken. Teenagers are more apathetic. Youth ministry is more difficult.

So don’t waste your life doing mere youth ministry. Far too many youth leaders are just “doing” youth ministry anyway. They’re playing the latest games, teaching the latest curriculum, and engaging in the latest youth ministry fads.

They float from meeting to meeting, podcast to podcast, and conversation to conversation. Yet they don’t take time to look at the stark, startling picture of their actual impact. In the words of Mark Senter III, they’re so focused on what they’re doing, they’re not taking time to see what’s getting done…

…and they’re wasting their lives as a result.

Pursue Meaningful Youth Ministry

Instead, choose to be a different breed of youth leader. Commit to leading teens toward a different brand of youth ministry, a radical “new” paradigm of youth ministry (that’s actually 2,000 years old!). Choose to pursue meaningful youth ministry.

Your kids are waiting for you to stop wasting your life and their time. They’re tired of just playing games, singing songs, going to camp, and hearing another lesson on self-image, sex, or media choices.

Young people want to be part of a God-breathed revolution. They want to live out a cause that will change their peers and impact their world.

This radical revolution is the very cause of Christ to “seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10) and to “make disciples” who make disciples (Matthew 28:19).

Depict this mission as an epic battle between the forces of God and the armies of darkness for the souls of their peers (because it is!).

Describe it as the ultimate cure to every ill their friends face and every sin their classmates chase (because it is!).