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6 Reasons People Do Not Visit Your Church [Updated for 2020]

people do not visit your church

[ Updated for 2020 ]

Your church wants to reach people, spread the Gospel, and grow. Why is it that new people aren’t showing up to your church like you hope and pray?

Here are six possible reasons people do not visit your church:

1. People do not visit your church because your church isn’t for them.

I know you think everyone is welcome at your church, but your service, environment, and people communicate otherwise.

Saying that you’re welcoming doesn’t mean that you’re welcoming.

There are simple changes you can make to your Sunday service to become more welcoming. Check out my course, Breaking 200 (50% off this month, only through churchleaders.com) and discover some steps you can take to welcome everyone.

2. People do not visit your church because you don’t expect guests.

You’re greeters and ushers are helpful, but they are not prepped and on the lookout for new people.

You’re not ready to receive guests, because deep down inside, you don’t expect them.

3. People do not visit your church because you don’t acknowledge guests.

When new people show up, they aren’t welcomed.

In your preaching, you reference Bible stories assuming everyone knows what you are talking about.

When discussing church business, you act like new people aren’t in the room.

4. People do not visit your church because you don’t advertise.

There’s a reason that Coca-Cola and McDonalds advertise – even though they have billions of customers.

There are strategic things you can do to get new people to come to church but, right now, you may not be aware of them. I share loads of ideas in my course.

5. People do not visit your church because they haven’t been invited.

Personal invitations are the #1 way new people end up at church, but you’re not challenging (or equipping!) your people to invite.

6. People do not visit your church because you’re not talking about what they care about.

You’re talking about Bible stuff, church stuff, and Christian stuff, not the things that people are struggling with every day.

Maybe you’ve let the fear of “watering down the Gospel” keep you from talking practically, but not talking about what people want to know about is a sure-fire way to keep people away.

Imagine how your church would look if every person was “bought-in” every Sunday .. and throughout the week.

The important thing to remember is that you can lead your people to become this type of community.

I’d love to help you turn around your church. If you’re struggling to lead your church to grow, consider the Breaking 200 plan. It’s a great place to start.

I’ll share coaching videos, personal testimonies from other leaders like you, and a ton of practical resources and downloads.

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