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Ask Malchus: Jesus Heals What His Followers Break


Malchus, running his finger through his hair, makes contact with his ear.

His ear.

It shouldn’t be there. Just a few weeks ago it was lopped off by one of those Jesus’ followers. Peter was his name. This revolutionary saw the hoard and believed it was time to fight. Malchus, commissioned by the high priest, was doing his job. He was loyal to the institution. Peter believed that Jesus was building a different kingdom—one which stood against both Rome and the present temple leaders. For Peter it was time to fight.

Malchus bore the pain of Peter’s misapplied conclusions about the Messiah. He’d only been a few steps behind Judas, the betrayer, when he heard the question. “Lord, shall we strike with the sword?” Suddenly, Malchus felt a sharp pain while all the voices around him became faint and distant. Pain and confusion marked those moments as this Jesus-follower had struck him with a sword.

Jesus Heals What His Followers Break

It’s what happened next that had Malchus remembering that day whenever he’d touched his ear. Jesus, the one who was supposed to be guilty of overthrowing Rome and the temple, picked up the bloody ear of this lowly servant and restored it. He restored what his disciple had wrecked.

Thankfully, Jesus is still in the business of doing this. How many believers and unbelievers have endured harm at the hands of an aggressive and misinformed disciple of Jesus? How many have endured harm from those who are bearing the name of Jesus but wielding swords of their own fury and personal brokenness? It’s incredibly good news for those of us who have bloodied ears. Jesus even fixes what his disciples break.