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5 Ways To Know You Are Ready To Lead This Fall


Are you feeling rested, refreshed, and ready for the fall ministry season?

Over many conversations, it seems like there is a mixed bag of responses such as:

  • I tried to get a break over the summer but didn’t really get one, and I’m tired.
  • I sense God’s presence, and we are ready!
  • I’m looking forward to the fall, but I have some big problems to face.
  • I’m rested but feeling unclear about our direction for the fall.

How would you respond?

As a leader, it’s important to have trusted confidants to talk to, a few people who are safe, smart, and strong. Advisors you know you can be honest with. At times they are literally a lifeline to you.

It’s good to get benchmarks from other trusted leaders; that helps clarify your perspective but be careful of comparison. You need to be solidly in touch with how you and your ministry are doing and focus there.

The fall season will soon be here, and we all want to see life change and growth. But while your programs are important, they are not the primary driving factor. Instead, God’s presence and your leadership make the difference.

There are many things you will encounter this fall.

Here’s a short list.

  • Problems to solve
  • Volunteers to recruit
  • Vision to cast
  • Resources to raise
  • Guests to care for
  • Conflict to resolve
  • Initiatives to launch

These things require your attention, but don’t get sucked into pouring all your energy there; save some energy for you.

The following 5 “inner readiness indicators” will help you focus on what will truly help you achieve your ministry desires and goals.

5 Inner Readiness Indicators:

1. Anticipation Over Uncertainty

We all have areas of uncertainty that we think about, and that’s ok if our anticipation of the future is stronger and more positive than our concern about the unknown.

As a leader, it’s important that you can see the good now and, in the future, no matter how difficult things get.

This allows you to possess authentic anticipation, a sense of looking forward to what’s next, like your ministries, this fall. A leader’s positive vision-focused anticipation of the near future is the beginning of momentum.

You are praying for it, looking for it, anticipating it.

Can you “see” in advance the good that will happen as you and your teams engage the people you serve?

This is the activation of your divine partnership with God.

Anticipating progress toward your vision and life change in people demonstrates your faith that God is with you.

This is not a cousin to “name-it-and-claim-it,” and it doesn’t wipe away difficulties.

It is about trusting God and maintaining a hopeful spirit that mirrors the promise of Scripture.