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A Little Encouragement for the More Senior Pastor Who’s Been Doing It Right for Years

Set new goals and blaze new trails. You’ve never been more educated and equipped for ministry than you are now! You’re more capable of peak performance today than you have ever been in your life, so set some new, challenging goals and go blaze some new trails for the kingdom of God! That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave where you’re at, but it might. Look at the lives of several characters in the Bible (like Moses) and you’ll see they were most fruitful, and began their greatest adventures in life only after they were more seasoned, more experienced, more prepared … yes, older! Dreaming dreams, setting goals, and pursuing new adventures isn’t just for the young, it’s for the faithful, and that is you!

Do what you’ve always been afraid to do. Chances are, there was something great for God you always wanted to do but felt unequipped, inexperienced, and unsupported to actually do it. Now that you’ve gained some wisdom and experience, you’ve likely gained some courage — now may be the time to do what you thought God always wanted you to do but you were too afraid to do. You’re finally ready!

Stay humble and keep learning. Humility is not the strong suit of the young; many younger ministers have had to learn humility the hard way, as well as the essential need to keep learning and practicing the Christian spiritual disciplines every day of our lives. While you’ve finally come to a real place of “senior leadership,” that doesn’t mean you “have arrived” — there is no such thing as a Christian! We’re never done learning, growing, and doing that with all humility until we’re finally like Jesus, then we will have “arrived.” It’s important to remind senior leaders of this because with wisdom and accomplishment can, ironically, come pride. The wisdom you’ve gained over many years of walking with God is a gift from Him, not any grand accomplishment on your part; it’s important to remember that as you set new goals and blaze new trails with your deeper insight.

One final thing, fall deeper in love with Jesus. At the heart of church leadership is helping people fall in love with Jesus. You’ve been passionate about this because teaching and modeling this has come from your own sincere love for our Lord. But we can never love Him “deep enough.” Now that you understand this better than ever, it’s a great time to pursue Jesus more fully, more deeply, even more passionately.

The church really doesn’t understand the great gift it has in the senior leaders who have been faithful for decades, but know that not only have you made a real difference for the kingdom of God, there’s still much more for you to do. So go do it, for the glory of God … and have some fun along the way!

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.