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Can We Hope in the Face of Death?

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There’s a word that we don’t like to say. We’ll look for just about any other word or phrase just so long as we don’t say that word. We’ll turn ourselves inside out, we’ll do anything not to say that word. That one word. The “D” word: Death. Can we hope in the face of death?

They’re deceased, they’ve expired, they’ve passed, they’ve been released, they’ve gone into the afterlife, they’ve entered their rest, their eternal rest or eternal sleep, they’ve reached their final rest, they’ve left this life, they’ve gone home, they’ve gone to heaven, they’re in paradise, they’ve passed away or passed over. And the list goes on and on.

There’s a reason that we’re uncomfortable with the word death. We were never made to experience it. It’s completely strange and foreign to how God made us and who we are.