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7 Barriers and Builders for a Healthy Staff Culture

6. Purposeful and Prayerful Intentionality

As you can tell, the theme of intentionality is important. No staff or church can merely “say” what their culture is, they must live, breathe and practice it, but you can’t do that without knowing what your values are.

What are the values that shape your staff culture?

Define them clearly and communicate them regularly.

Our staff values at 12Stone Church are:

  1. We love Jesus.
    • Pray First, Pray often
    • Walk in the Spirit
    • Pursue Holiness
  1. We are people people.
    • Believe the best
    • Encourage somebody
    • Champion Unity
  1. We love what we do.
    • Come thankful
    • Find the fun
    • Laugh a lot
  1. We grow leaders.
    • Start with yourself
    • Invest in someone
    • Empower to lead
  1. We move forward.
    • Own your job
    • Find a better way
    • Dream big and embrace change

(I’ve just got to take a second to brag on our staff team. They are amazing and truly live out these values.)

Emphasize your values at staff meetings, make them part of leadership development and coaching conversations. Publicly recognize and encourage staff members who live a certain value in an exemplary way. There are many ways to continually lift your values up and actively use them to shape your culture.

The values you lift up shape you and you shape the values.

7. Mature and Measurable Accountability

All great teams are accountable for progress oriented results and favorable outcomes in alignment with the vision and values. How is your team accountable for those results?

The best teams follow a pattern in their culture that looks something like this:

  • Shepherd each person on the team well, care about who they are as a human being.
  • Invest in their development as leaders and coach their progress regularly.
  • Make the vision and expectations clear. Establish clear goals.
  • Have periodic reviews to assess personal growth, overall progress, and agreed upon outcomes.
  • Celebrate the successes and coach the struggles.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.